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S.O.F.I.L. Lo Bianco group

S.O.F.I.L. Lo Bianco group

Sofil Lo Bianco manufacturers of Sicilian marbles and NORA BASALT  from Sardinia, specializes in high quality, volume production to retailers and contractors committed to innovative, contemporary design all over the world.

Sofil Lo Bianco has been a leader in the marble, granite and natural stones supply sector for the last 50 years, and its team of specialized employees is meticulous about the execution of bespoke design projects, innovation and implementation of all the company’s tailored marble skills into the process. The company is the leading partner of a unique Basalt quarry in Sardinia, from which timeless projects can be made of this stone of vulcanic origin.

Sofil Lo Bianco manufactures natural stones for all exterior and interior uses in a range of styles, and prides itself on being as reliable and durable as the marble it produces.

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