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Emilceramica Group

Emilceramica Group

Emilceramica group is one of the leading Italian tile manufacturers for residential and commercial applications, renown internationally for the exclusive designs and excellent quality of its products.

Today Emilceramica sells worldwide more than 1,600 items organized into 120 collections under four brands: Emilceramica, Ergon, Provenza, Viva, each with a specific character and style, supported by a widespread distribution network and logistics.

Emilceramica group’s HQ is in Italy, where all products are totally designed by internal R&D. Emilceramica group focuses on the high-end of the global tiles market highly investing into R&D, and in the latest production technologies from leading Italian machinery suppliers.

As a result, it has become one of the most recognized trend setters in the Ceramic Industry.

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