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MIPA was founded in 1992 and its mission was to unearth the authentic and traditional techniques that characterized Marble Terrazzo tile production at the end of the 19th century. Through a process of historical and stylistic research and staying true to tradition MIPA has developed a selection of the most beautiful floors of the era’s Liberty-style homes.

Natural raw materials and environmentally friendly processing produce unique top-performance handicrafts products with high tech-contents fully produced in Italy.

With the CUBA collection MIPA opens a new “traditional research” line offering eleven decorative patterns mirroring the Cuban decorative tradition. The Puerto Rico collection, with its colors and decorations of a country worth discovering, was also the springboard to research and develop a new, distinctly Caribbean color palette. Thus MIPA continues on its quest to research, discover and renew itself by adding a new element to its “Graniglia” collections.

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